About Our Clinical Services

At Casa Grande, treatment is supervised and facilitated by our board-certified psychiatrist, licensed Clinical Director and masters-level therapists.


  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • The Seven Challenges Program (Substance Use track)
  • Substance use psycho-education
  • Psychoeducational and Life Skills
  • The Pathways Program (Problem Sexual Behavior track)


Casa Grande Youth Treatment Center provides 24-hour nursing services in two secure treatment settings. Licensed nursing personnel providethe following.

  • Psychiatric services are conducted by board certified Psychiatrist
  • Medication Administration
  • Monitor for medical or nursing concerns
  • On-unit supervisory assistance to direct care staff
  • Nursing education groups to patients


Casa Grande Youth Treatment Center uses comprehensive screening and assessment strategies to effectively treatment planning and to ensure services are delivered in alignment with best practices. Our program periodically conducts strengths and needs assessments during treatment to assess the biopsychosocial needs of each individual youth and adjust treatment interventions accordingly. These results are incorporated into our trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed multi-disciplinary treatment plans. Please note the following instruments for assessments are utilized:


  • Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Assessment
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Nursing Assessment
  • Child / Adolescent Needs Assessment (CANS)
  • SAFE-T Suicide Risk Assessment

In addition, clinical screenings and assessments are conducted based on each individual youth’s presenting needs, including assessments for trauma, depression, anxiety, sexualized behaviors and suicide, among others.


Our treatment program is grounded in an research-supported Trauma-Informed Care Model. Casa Grande Youth Treatment Center has established and cultivated a culture that emphasizes care, safety, and respect and utilizes nonviolent trauma-informed practices to protect the physical, moral, social, and psychological safety of patients and staff. Our goal is to provide an environment that emphasizes patient safety, dignity and resiliency in which adolescents and families can recover from trauma and learn to manage mental health needs. This goal can be reached by each staff member, as well as each resident, treating each other with kindness and respect, maintaining a coercion and violence-free environment, and by practicing the principles of trauma-informed care. Casa Grande Youth Treatment Center works with each resident to form a “strength-based” approach.

In addition to its trauma-informed organizational philosophy, Casa Grande Youth Treatment Center has partnered with Grafton Integrated Health Network to invest in Ukeru Systems (“Ukeru”), which is a restraint-free crisis management program designed to significantly decrease the potential safety risks associated with children who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis. As more research on the impact of early childhood trauma continues to drive our understanding of the drivers of unsafe childhood behaviors, it is critical that Casa Grande Youth Treatment Center ensures that its patients feel safe and secure during the course of their treatment.

Unlike previous behavior management systems utilized in residential treatment settings, Ukeru encourages staff members to use shields and pads to safely support children in the event that verbal de-escalation techniques are unsuccessful in alleviating the crisis. In Japanese, Ukeru literally means “to receive” and the technique allows staff members to support consumers through their crisis rather than damaging the relationship through more intensive restraint and seclusion techniques.

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