How new systems focused on evidence-based, trauma-informed care is changing the culture at Casa Grande Academy.

We caught up with Casa Grande Executive Director Michael Henderson to hear all about the ways Casa Grande has evolved to deliver Evidence-Based, Trauma-Informed Care to Adolescent Boys in Arizona.

Casa Grande Academy welcomed Michael Henderson as Executive Director in October 2021. Since that time Michael has invested heavily in the facility to make a safer environment for Casa Grande Academy residents. “We are on a mission to transform our campus and programs so that all of our processes and communications are trauma-informed,” says Henderson. “Casa Grande Academy staff are currently being trained in the very best in trauma-informed care and evidence-based approaches.”

Michael Henderson is passionate in wanting to deliver excellent psychiatric and behavioral health care to adolescent boys struggling with behavioral health, and substance use issues. “We have some very exciting things happening on campus!” Says Henderson. “Our staff is going through trainings and certifications that will allow Casa Grande Academy to serve adolescent boys as they seek to transform their stories into ones of Resilience and Breakthrough.”


This image is an Employee Testimonial stating what they enjoy about working as Casa Grande Academy with a quote from a current employee who says, "My favorite part of my career at Casa Grande is working with the kids on a daily basis. Some of them have never had anyone in their life who cares."

“My favorite part of my career at Casa Grande is working with the kids on a daily basis. Some of them have never had anyone in their life who cares.”


The Stories We Tell Ourselves

“We see clients coming to us for psychiatric and behavioral health treatment and they are struggling with the labels that have been placed on them. Our job is to help them find their ‘why’ and to begin to move toward healthy behaviors, clear goals and positive coping skills,” says Henderson. “As they progress through our program we challenge them to look beyond the story they have told themselves that ‘this is just me,’ or ‘I can’t change.’” Henderson hopes to inspire adolescents to live in recovery because they each have story to tell. “And it can still be an amazing story,” continues Henderson. “We want to see them succeed!”

Focusing on Strengths

Casa Grande Academy works with each resident to form a “strength-based” approach. Casa Grande Academy has also invested in Ukeru Systems (“Ukeru”), which is a restraint-free crisis management program designed to significantly decrease the potential safety risks associated with children who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis. For those who are dealing with substance abuse issues, Casa Grande Academy strives to offer Adolescents developmentally appropriate drug treatment through the Seeking Safety Program.


Michael Henderson Profile Picture.

Michael Henderson, Executive Director, is shifting the culture at Casa Grande Academy.


Henderson reflects on the work he has accomplished to date and says “this program and staff have undergone a lot of changes for the better. We have updated the physical grounds as well. You know, as I look around, there are so many positives happening and it’s only going to make us better. I am proud to work here and lead some of the most dedicated and caring individuals! We are always looking for ways to improve and provide the highest level of care to our residents, their families, and to our staff. And we aren’t finished yet!

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